Monday, July 2, 2012

Toy Story Bo Peep replica

Here is another replica I made of a Toy Story character.   I am always excited to make different things and come up with new ideas when using paper.  The lace trimming on the corset and the tulle bustle had me stumped for a day or two, and I was this close to giving up and using fabric - which is a big no-no for me and would have left me feeling totally disappointed and inept in myself.  But after sleepless nights and rummaging through my supplies, I came up with (what now seems so obvious to me) a simple way to make both.  For the lace trimming on her corset, I cut a narrow strip of cardstock using a scallop scissor and simply punched mini holes in it with a push pin for a lace effect.  For her bustle, I folded the paper over itself several times and punched holes everywhere with a mini eyelet setter.  Not everything is exact to the original but I think everyone who has seen Toy Story will be able to identify her as Bo Peep with her three sheep.

The pair are made using paperclay, paper and acrylic paints with a wire armature. Bo Peep measures about 11" tall (with her hat) and her sheep are about 4"tall.  Her shoulders and neck are jointed and her hands/arms are posed to hold her removable shepherds crook. Her bonnet is also removable.  I usually don't make more than one themed custom item but I have an extra set of sheep and the lamp to go with them.  The extra set of sheep ended up being too small when I made them to go with this Bo Peep and as regards the lamp, I had purchased one to alter before I found out the customer already had one.  So if anyone should ever be interested in a Bo Peep replica set, I will make another one. 


  1. MELANIE! Girl, this is AMAZING! Kudos.

  2. OMG!

    It doesn't look like its made with paper! I'm in awe and find myself speechless asminring its beauty!!!

    Gorgeously are gifted!!

  3. Sorry for the typo, its admiring its beauty...


  4. can you make me one of these please


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