Saturday, July 21, 2012

Snow in July blog party

Although I can appreciate the peaceful cleanliness of an all white decorated room or the purity of an all white outfit, my heart searches for color.  For this reason, I knew my contribution to Marcia's Snow in July, White Themed Blog Party would be a little bit harder for me to work on.  So even my "white themed" paper doll, which originally started in my head to be ALL white, ended up having bits of gold and cream and taupe in it. And then I couldn't help it but I just had to add her red lips!

But I'm okay with it not being perfectly ALL white because, after all, is white really white?...I'm sure an in-depth art class in the study of colors would explain better but I'll always remember the scene in the film "Girl with a Pearl Earring" when Johannes Vermeer asks the maid what color are the clouds...

Look, Griet. 
Look at the clouds.
What color are they?

not white.
and grey.
There are colors in the clouds.

Now you understand.
         Thanks for visiting my blog for this party and make sure you visit the other participants for more Snow in July!  And don't forget to come back on July 28th for a special giveaway!

-Ann, On Sutton Place
-Chrislyn from Spirit Dog Studios
-Cindy from Cindy Adkins Whimsical Musings
-Diane from Lavender Dreams
-Dianne from YONKS
-Heidi from hi-d's Place
-Irina from Gypsy in Me
-Net Movie Blogger at It's a Wonderful Movie
-Jan from All Ways Designing
-Janet from Enchanting Wonderland
-Jenny from Jenny's Heart
-Karen from Shabby Brocante
-Laura from Fun with This and That
-Linda from Random Creativity
-Mary from MerryDotDandy
-Mary from Thirty Two Yellow Walls
-Michele at Something Special
-Patty from Patty's Pretty Things
-Sheri, Nel, and Jess from Red Rose Alley


  1. Thank you, Melanie. Your post is precious. It lifted my spirits instantly. Although we are taking a special pause, we should be back up and running next week. Stay tuned for the favors.

    Marcia and Miss A.J.

  2. That's got to be about the cutest paper doll I've ever seen!!! And clouds! Oh how I love them!!!

  3. Hello lovely Melanie,

    I'm giving out party favors today. In addition to the first two prizes won by Jan and Chrislyn, I made a tag for each Snow in July guest. I have most of my guests' addresses from over three years of blogging, but I'm still missing a few including yours. You may stop by the shop to email your mailing info if you like; however, if you prefer not to give out your mailing address online, I would totally understand.

    Thank you again for joining us.
    Much love,

  4. Thank you for sharing. I had not heard about this party!
    And I also can not live without color. I think your sweet doll is adorable.


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