Thursday, February 28, 2013

Delilah Soleil Salon open!

My sister, Alicia, dreamed of opening a Princess Themed Children's Nail Salon and now it is finally up and running! My daughter, Delilah Soleil Mercado was the inspiration for the salon's name and logo.  Alicia has taken Delilah to get her nails done since she was just under 3 years old.  Alicia searched out different salons in the area but none of them tailored to little children - hence the dream was born.

With a great support system, Alicia was able to have almost everything custom made for the salon.  Our father made the custom children sized thrones and tables.  He also made the custom reception area and custom window seating.  I upholstered the thrones and made the games and signs.  While our brother-in-law drew the Delilah Soleil Salon logo, which is based on a picture of my daughter painting her doll's nails.

The color scheme at Deliah Soleil Salon works so well and it stands out from any other "princess themed" shop you may have seen.  Gray isn't quickly associated with the word "princess" but at the Delilah Soleil Salon it is a shining example of unique and pretty.  The gray walls also serve as a functional purpose; as chalk board paint, all little princess guests are welcome to doodle and write their names on it.  But of course, you can't have anything princess without the color PINK!  Which is why among the various shades of grays, whites, cremes and golds, there are the brilliant splashes of pinks.  Pink pillows, rugs baskets and other decorations set the mood to any princesses delight.

We have been working  like crazy these past two months making sure everything was in place for the grand opening - and with plenty of eye candy to look at.   The merchandise, fabrics, art, flowers, pillows and games were carefully chosen or designed with the salon's brand in mind.  Heart shaped nail soaking bowls with sparkly smooth stones calm the little princess while she watches a movie or listens to a familiar princess tune.  Certain gifts and prizes are exclusive to Delilah Soleil Salon such as my Princess and Frog Prince Surprise Balls which will not be found anywhere else!

Princess dresses, wands and jewelry are available for purchase and playing dress up.  And with little ones in mind, the princess dresses are made to last through years of play and they are comfortable and washable!  Colorful, water-based, kid-friendly nail polish and nail polish remover is also offered for moms who are health conscious. 

With it's unique offerings and special events like puppet story readings and craft sessions, Delilah Soleil Salon  reminds me of The Shop Around the Corner in the movie You've Got Mail.  In it's cozy boutique setting, it is enchanting and it stands like "a lone reed, standing tall, waving boldly"* amidst the other "commercial" themed salons in the industry.  If you have a little princes in your life and you are in the Long Island, NY area please stop by Delilah Soleil Salon to experience it yourself.

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* In the film You've Got Mail, the main character, Kathleen owns a quaint little bookshop that has been in her family for years.  The survival of her store is threatened by the opening of a much larger chain bookstore.  Her boyfriend, Frank Navasky provides encouragement reminding her that her store is unique and special.
Frank Navasky: Kathleen, you are a lone reed. You are a lone... 
[sits down at his typewriter
Frank Navasky: [typing] "... reed, standing tall, waving boldly in the corrupt sands of commerce." 

[pulls the page out and hands it to Kathleen
Kathleen Kelly:  I am a lone reed. 
Frank Navasky: Lone reed.