Thursday, November 25, 2010

Slimey the Worm


Two years ago I blogged about a Slimey Worm that I made (read the original post here) and I've gotten so many emails from fans about it since.

As promised, I'm finally making a few of them available for sale. I had alot of fun making them and will put them on Etsy as time allows.

Here is a work in progress photo. One evening, after working on "slimeys" all day, I had a nightmare that there were a bunch of worms crawling on my ceiling over my bed while I was sleeping. The worms were all "Slimey" in his pre-paint stage so they looked like nasty white maggots. It was a terrifying dream but I was laughing when I woke up.

Here is a video of a Slimey I made attached to rods to maneuver as a puppet.