Friday, September 19, 2008

Black & White Jester JITB


The jester shook his hood and bells and leaped upon a chair;
The pages laughed, the women screamed, and tossed their scented hair;
The falcon whistled, stag-hounds bayed, the lap-dog barked without;
The scullion dropped the pitcher brown,--the cook railed at the lout;
The steward, counting out his gold, let pouch and money fall:
And why? Because the jester rose to say grace in the hall!
- George Walter Thornbury

A Jester JITB donned in all black & white with gold and silver accents has a musical movement installed that plays "Music of the Night". Both the jester and his stick have four-pointed hats with bells on the ends. Box measures 11 1/2"h x 5 1/2" w (open). The jester's stick measures 4" long. - $180
What was a jester's stick used for anyway? A 'Jester's stick' was used as a way to mock the clergy or the King and Queen themselves. It was in this way that a fool could get away with saying almost anything of disrespect because, after all, it was his 'stick' that said the slur.The Jester's sticks were used much like a ventriloquist uses a dummy.