Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Work in Progress

Here's a sketch in my journal of the next JITB I'm working on. It's going to be a Monkey with cymbals much like the one's you see in old pictures with an organ grinder. This piece is also inspired by the music box in the Phantom of the Opera. It will have a music mechanism that plays "Masquerade".

I'm also working on a few baby room themed Hot Air Balloons. (You can get a glimpse of the beginnings of them on the upper corners of this picture). These will be super cute, both with a vintage flair!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Pink Flower Jack-in-the-box

Bright pink petals naturally faded with age surround the serene face of this JITB. She has a wind up mechanism that plays the tune, "English Country Garden". Materials used include vintage sheet music, pink canvas flower petals and bells. Adorned with a velvet leaf with golden glitter, a bronze metal charm and a crystal chandelier drop. Measures 5"h x 4"w. $115 Sold