Friday, October 17, 2008

Yellow Flower Jack-in-the-Box


And out! pops a dainty daisy delivering daily dazzling displays while delightfully decorating your den.

Neutral colors adorn this JITB with vintage sheet music and a musical movement that plays "Playful Melody". Made using vintage muslin flowers, velvet leaves & ribbon and bells. The box has a generous coating of beeswax for depth and texture. Box measures 5 1/2" h x 4 1/2"w (closed). - $115

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby and Art Update

Well the baby's due date came and went so, yes, I'm still pregnant (thanks to those who keep asking for updates). The good news is that baby and I are both fine and will probably be together for another week. In the meantime, we have finally finished her room (making curtains, putting furniture together, painting etc.). All that it needs now is the baby!

The paint I used for the wall was actually a throwaway from my mom. She ordered the color for her bathroom but ended up not liking it. I turned her trash into treasure and I love how the subtle color works with the bright decorations and artwork. I forget the name of the paint but I like to call it Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream - it looks sooo delicious!

I decorated the room with some of my hot-air-balloons and some leftover alphabet boxes from my baby shower. My sister made dozens of decorations from scratch; including the boxes, banners, favors and even designed the cake. The shower turned out beautiful and I just had to incorporate her hard & loving work into the baby's room.

I also, absolutely love the two Blackbird Designs paintings purchased from Earth Angels Toys (one of which was my first baby gift from a good friend). The paintings ended up working so perfectly together with the other things in the room that they look custom made! Thanks Deirdre and Jen!

Onto news of M Ann M art: Being that I have been so busy (and physically drained) with the coming baby and custom orders, I really haven't been able to make new work available for purchase. After the Hamptons Craft fair, I've been wiped out of almost all my inventory and have to start getting busy creating more JITB's and HAB's. I have only one more JITB available for purchase which I'll put on ETSY tomorrow. Thanks again to my new and repeat customers!
Here's a picture of a Red & White striped HAB, part of a custom order I recently completed. I always provide drawings of the piece to customers of commissioned orders for pre-approval.