Monday, October 20, 2014

Joseph Cornell Inspired Workshop at Parcel

I am still reminiscing over the time I had at Parcel last week at a Joseph Cornell Inspired Workshop. Joseph Cornell was a celebrated and influential assemblage and collage artist from the Victorian era. For decades, his work has inspired and encouraged altered book and sculptural artists, shadowboxers and scrapbookers.  The style of his pieces have stood the test of time, and the look is very current in the paper arts world.

The workshop gave students an opportunity to become Joseph Cornell for a day.  The overall theme for the shadowbox was flora and fauna but we were free to create whatever we wanted.  Cutting scraps of birds, bugs and botanicals from Parcels collection of papers, and layering them with bits of other vintage trims and ephemera, we each created our own unique scene.  Nancy, the owner, provided each of us a real butterfly to add to our piece.  I was initially creeped out but I eventually gave into it's beautiful wings and couldn't pass up using it.

Here is what I, and fellow students created at the workshop.