Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Toy Story Replicas

Apparently, there are tons of Toy Story toy replica fans out there.  These die hard fans scan the internet and globe looking for the next toy to complete their collection.  Some have completed an entire inventory to match exactly what was either in Andy's room, Sunnyside Daycare or in Bonnie's room. These collections are really impressive and include some very creative handmade one-of-a-kind replicas.

Recently, I've been contacted by different Toy Story fans to recreate several pieces from the movies.  The first one was the clown Jack-in-the-box from the 3rd movie (read my original post here) and the next was the Green Hand Jack-in-the-box from the 1st movie that was in Sid's bedroom.

I usually tend to stay away from "creepy" art but I was willing to put aside my conventions and was eager to be put up to the challenge.  It was unlike anything I made before but I did my best and I thought it came out pretty good.

The next Toy Story replica project I just completed is Bo Peep.  Here is a work-in-progress photo of her and her three headed sheep.

I made two sets of sheep because the first one (behind her) ended up being too small.  The smaller set of sheep will be completed with another Bo Peep if anyone is interested (I will also make the lamp to go with her).  Photos of my completed Toy Story Bo Peep replica will be in another post.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paper Cancan Dress

Here is the paper cancan dress I created specifically for the Posters of Paris: Toulouse-Lautrec and His Contemporaries, June 1–September 9, 2012, exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

The dress is assembled with some paper tape and 2 1/2 bottles of my favorite Crafter's Pick glue.  Using six different kinds of papers and without using a pattern, the dress took about 2 weeks to complete.  Most of this time was to ensure that the glue was dry before I proceeded to the next steps.  The moisture in the glue made the red paper run sometimes so there were a bit of trial-and-error delays (plus I changed my mind on the design a couple of times).

I am by no means a seamstress or clothing designer so the fact that I didn't use a pattern presented it's challenges.  The hardest part was the construction of the corset.  Instead of just gluing two ends of a sheet of paper together and compressing it into the shape of a corset with force and glue, I assembled it like a real corset would be made.  I cut out nine strips of paper, each a different shape and size, and separated them with the paper "boning".  I finished off the top and bottom with hand stamped detailed ruffles.  All of the edges are neatly completed and they lay flat for comfort and attractiveness.

Originally intended as a two piece for display on a mannequin (more on that fiasco in another post), I ended up having to glue the top and bottom together for display on a hanger.  With a paper/string lace up corset and a grosgrain ribbon at the back of the waist (the only small part that isn't paper) the dress can be worn as a costume on an x-small/small frame.

For display purposes, there are two transparent threads holding the skirts up; but these can be cut off if worn as a costume and the skirt will fall back down into place.  Even though the dress is made of paper, it is actually very sturdy; but need I mention that although it is a wearable garment, it is not a washable garment?...

Up-close, hand applied stamp detail to the paper ruffles.

For information on pricing and purchasing, please contact the museum directly. Below are photos of my products on display.

I also created a wire hanger to go along with the dress (as shown) and the store manager cleverly jazzed it up with a feather boa.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Can-Can Dancer Puppets

My Cancan Dancer Puppets are now available for purchase exclusively at the Milwaukee Art Museum store!  Stop by the store or call to purchase.

Both the Stick Puppet and the Finger Puppet come with a paper curtain printout and instructions on how to make a paper theater for use with the puppet. 

The Stick Puppet has a paper strip that can be pushed/pulled to make her right leg "kick" up and down.

The Finger Puppet comes with tubular gauze to cover your fingers for "stockings".

A limited number of  these puppets will also be available for sale through my Etsy shop after completion of the Exhibit in September.