Monday, October 15, 2012

Can't wait 'till next year....

I had such a good time at the Stamford, CT Art-Is You Art Retreat that I wished I could have stayed a couple of more days.  And I already can't wait 'till next year!  Sallianne and Ellen are two of the most generous and dedicated women I know to put these Art Retreats together which has grown (in more than quadruple its numbers!) in just a few years. Their hard work and persistence paid off as they, with every event, help the mixed media art world meet and come together.

All of 2011 I planned (and saved $) to be able to take two classes and participate as a vendor at the Art Trunk.  It was waaay worth it!  The teachers graciously and happily shared their techniques, and the vending night left me with empty boxes to bring home.  Here are pics of what I made in the classes and some new M Ann M Creations/Watermelon Party Shop items that were for sale at the Art Trunk.

Jodi Ohl's - Confessions of the HeART workshop

For this workshop, Jodi asked the students to tell our secrets to the canvas by revealing only bits and pieces of our most sacred thoughts through blocks of hidden treasures, painted treasures and unique 3d elements as we created a painted block collage entitled, “Confessions of the HeART”.

We were supposed to prepare beforehand with the theme of the class in mind; but I really don't have any secrets like that to tell.  So I went into the class just thinking "I'd paint some flowers and birds or something".  So the results of my work don't really portray any secrets...but then much as I complain about being a mom (something that I REALLY didn't see in my future just a couple of years ago)....the truth is, I love my children more than anything and I am so happy they came into my life.  More important, I really feel that the TIME they came into my life (8 years into marriage and after some rough times) was truly a blessing. These 2 tiny people are like a glue for this little family of 4.

Doreen Kassel - Charming Music Box Sculptures

Oh boy, did I have delusions of productivity going into this class!.  The music mechanism I chose to purchase beforehand played Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  I also brought with me, to the class, a vision of a sailboat surrounded with waves and a little girl and boy sitting in the boat rowing oars and splashing the water.   Little did I know that I DO NOT like working with polymer clay and I DO NOT like working with oil paints.  I had never really used these two mediums before so realizing my vision was not going to work out as planned, I simplified my project theme and ended up with this little sailor instead.  I think he came out quite well and so cute, thanks to help from Doreen and my fellow classmates.

Here are some of the items that I made to be sold, first, at the Art Trunk.  Whatever didn't sell is now available at either of my Etsy shops. and

Paper and Tulle Dress on a wire dress form

Pumpkin, Snowman and Sunflower Surprise Balls

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Art is...You East Coast Mixed Media Art Retreat

I'm so excited the Art Is...You retreat in Stamford, CT is this week!  Make the trip if you can.  The Art Trunk (vending night) is worth the trip alone for mixed media artists and crafters.  It might be too late to register for workshops but make a day out of it and go to the mall, the movies or a museum in the day time and stop by the Art Trunk at night, from 6-10 pm on Saturday, October 6.  I will personally take a few amazing classes and then participate as a vendor.  I will have some new surprise ball designs for sale and other never-before-seen great paper project kits!  I will post all of my new offerings on this blog and on ETSY after the event.  Hope to see you at Art is...!