Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alexander McQueen Inspired Art Doll (in the works)

Several days before it ended, I was able to visit the Met to see the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit. The free line was two hours long but worth it (it helped that I went with friends so I was able to get off the line and come back after a while).

Funny story: The guards had the line sectioned off by every 100 people or so. The line moved fairly quickly but with so many people it still took sooooo long. So after anxiously waiting in line for an hour and forty five minutes I was getting excited that the line ahead was so much shorter and that we only had about 15 more minutes to go. The guards moved more people ahead so that we ended up the last in line of the "100-people-group". Since we were last I was confused to suddenly overhear two women behind us complain that "this line is so long!", "I can't even see the end of it!" "How long do you think we'll be here!!!". I turned around and answered their rhetorical question, "The line started way back there!" "It is 2 hours long and you skipped the line!" They looked shocked and embarrassed but didn't move an inch to get back where they belong.

Oh well, I figured the people they skipped could deal with them. Besides, if someone could have saved ME two hours of waiting in line by not ratting on me, I would have greatly appreciated it too. Anyway, the exhibit was truly amazing. And the artists responsible for the props, gallery design and masks did a fantastic job in tying everything together with McQueen's outfits. These three images are pieces that stood out to me most and are inspiration for my next art doll. I will post work-in-progress photos by next month.

Lace layered skirt with wooden prosthetic boots.

This pink dress is scattered with real dried flowers between the layers of fabric and within it's caging. Upon entering this part of the gallery, a scent of fresh flowers greeted you through a ceiling vent.

A silk (?) butterfly hat.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Art Doll ~ Kendra (custom doll)

Kendra is a custom doll created for her namesake. She is dressed in a funky and fun outfit of a white loose tube dress, a mini black vest, gray stockings and black flats. Her accessories include a gray fedora with red feather, a pink book, and chunky black/gold bracelets. Kendra stands about 13" tall.

As always, everything is made of paper. For this doll I used three different kinds of black papers (fedora band, vest and hair). I usually use this technique to emphasize the difference between the characteristics that make up the doll. The papers differ in hue, texture and weight. And to sometimes make a paper stand out even more, I may choose to alter its' appearance through softening*, wrinkling, painting, glazing, layering or stamping it.

* To soften paper I dampen it with a spray bottle and rub fingers or a wet rag over it very gently and let it dry. Depending on the thickness of the paper and the desired look I want to achieve, I may repeat this 2-3 times. I believe this helps loosen the bond of the paper fibers and creates a more fabric like appearance.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot Air Balloon ~ April and TCCE

This Hot Air Balloon, titled "April", is first in a series of 12 pieces named after and inspired by the calendar months and what they represent to me personally. I interpret the climate, the foliage and the festivities of each month into my design through the colors, the details and structure of the balloon. All 12 pieces will completed by September 2012.

April = spring, birds, flowers, blue, orange, cream, green, pretty, simple, soft curves

This hot air balloon was made using paper mache, paper clay, crepe paper and acrylic paints with fabric covered "button" accents. It comes with a heavy duty clear line and hook to hang from a ceiling. This piece measures 12"h x 7"w.


As the Workshop and Demo Coordinator for Tinsel Trading Company I get to correspond with and meet amazingly talented artists and instructors working in all kinds of mediums. Their journeys through the art/craft world are inspiring for all artists alike who are pursing to take their own creations down a similar path. The workshops at Tinsel Trading Company are small and intimate allowing you to have one-on-one conversations with the artists and learn from their experiences. I think all aspiring self-employed artists benefit from learning from one another and I encourage that we take the opportunity to do so when we can.
One such inspiring event coming up is the BlogHer Handmade and The Creative Connection Event in St. Paul, MN. And ever so generously, they are offering two free passes plus paid hotel to one winner! I wish we could all attend!