Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Art Doll ~ Kendra (custom doll)

Kendra is a custom doll created for her namesake. She is dressed in a funky and fun outfit of a white loose tube dress, a mini black vest, gray stockings and black flats. Her accessories include a gray fedora with red feather, a pink book, and chunky black/gold bracelets. Kendra stands about 13" tall.

As always, everything is made of paper. For this doll I used three different kinds of black papers (fedora band, vest and hair). I usually use this technique to emphasize the difference between the characteristics that make up the doll. The papers differ in hue, texture and weight. And to sometimes make a paper stand out even more, I may choose to alter its' appearance through softening*, wrinkling, painting, glazing, layering or stamping it.

* To soften paper I dampen it with a spray bottle and rub fingers or a wet rag over it very gently and let it dry. Depending on the thickness of the paper and the desired look I want to achieve, I may repeat this 2-3 times. I believe this helps loosen the bond of the paper fibers and creates a more fabric like appearance.

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