Monday, October 31, 2011

Workshop with Vintage by Crystal at Tinsel Trading Company

I've had so much fun coordinating the workshops at Tinsel Trading Company this year! I've met fabulous art instructors, had the pleasure of working with Marcia and her employees and I made great new acquaintances. To those of you who already registered and took a class, I would like to say THANK YOU!

So here's the good news and the bad news...I'll lay out the bad news first....
Registration is now closed for all workshops. To those of you who didn't get a chance to register, I will have to say, sorry. I am especially sorry because this will, unfortunately, be Tinsel Trading Company's last season offering workshops....But the good news is that you can still visit the shop and witness a great selection of Demonstrations. These will be announced in the near future so stay tuned.

Here are a few pictures from one of my favorite workshops taken at Tinsel Trading Company. This workshop with Crystal Hanehan from Vintage by Crystal, was loads of fun and inspirational. Crystal is an awesome instructor and full of generosity with tips on her art and techniques. Please visit her blog for more photos from the workshop and on what we created.

Here are pictures of what I and fellow student, Cara made. We both creatively made use of "Halloween themed" materials and made them "Un-Halloween". Now they are perfect for display for more than just one month!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art is...You 2011 Event

Ellen Legare and Sallianne McCleeland hosted yet another fantastic event at the annual Art is...You Event in Danbury, CT earlier this month. Everyone had a good time making things in their great selection of workshops and we all met new friends and ran into old ones.

One of the many highlights of my whole experience was receiving the gifts from their Ornament Swap where you give 9 and get back 8. Using Dr. Seuss poetry as inspiration, we were to create 9 ornaments; 8 were swapped and the 9th one went towards a wonderful cause for Marlene Haveron and her Honeycomb Cottage Project, ensuring that her foster daughters will be surrounded by art and inspiration.

Here are my nine Cat in the Hat ornament swap mini Hot Air Balloons before shipping them off.

My 8 swapped ornaments in return were so much fun. Thanks for participating too! RoseMarie Davio, Nancy Lefko, Mary Hurlburt, Dianne Quinlan, Angela Huggins, Kathleen Nesi, Collen Peck and Aleta.

I had such fun being a vendor at the Art Trunk this year and I look forward to returning next year again as both a vendor and a student.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art Doll ~ Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, was one of the most influential figures in fashion during the 1770s and 1780s, especially when it came to hairstyles.

In the 18th century hairstyles became ludicrously elaborate and complex. Hair was combed, curled, greased with pomade, and dusted with powder. The elevation of these hairstyles could sometimes reach up to three feet! Their own hair was not enough to make such a piece of art so they used the hair of their servants and even the horse’s mane to add length. Cushions or pads were inserted to give height. Decorative objects were often incorporated including flowers, fruit, fabric, feathers and even live birds in cages. The articles placed in the hair were sometimes symbolic, as in the case of the famous engraving depicting a lady wearing a large ship in her hair with masts and sails—called the "Coiffure à l'Indépendance ou le Triomphe de la liberté"—to celebrate naval victory in the American war of independence. To preserve the hair designs intact, women slept with a wooden block under their necks so that their hair was not touched.

Marie Antoinette’s body, hair, clothing and accessories are made using 10 different kinds of paper. Her period costume is complete down to her white pantaloons with blue bow ties and paniers. She wears pink slippers with glistening gold rosette accents. Her underskirts have ruffled hems and the second layer is light pink with a gold trellis design and gold trim. The dark pink dress is trimmed all over with a pink flowered green vine and white pearl centers. Four gold bows adorn her bodice and white lace is tucked into the low neckline and short sleeve ends. A short strand natural pearl necklace compliments her slender neck. Atop her pale gray coiffure sits a ship with masts, sails and flags. Two rare white bird feathers finish her hairdo. She measures about 13 ½” tall up to the top of the boat.

Marie Antoinette is accompanied with coordinating stand (to be placed under her underskirts). She also comes with a self-portrait framed in a 2" square gold painted picture frame which hangs from a black velvet ribbon.

Marie Antoinette will be available for viewing at my vendor table at the Art Is...You event this weekend in Danbury, CT. Please stop by my table if you plan on attending the event to see Marie Antoinette and all my other Art Dolls available for sale. Their beauty and detail does not shine in pictures as much as it does in person.