Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art is...You 2011 Event

Ellen Legare and Sallianne McCleeland hosted yet another fantastic event at the annual Art is...You Event in Danbury, CT earlier this month. Everyone had a good time making things in their great selection of workshops and we all met new friends and ran into old ones.

One of the many highlights of my whole experience was receiving the gifts from their Ornament Swap where you give 9 and get back 8. Using Dr. Seuss poetry as inspiration, we were to create 9 ornaments; 8 were swapped and the 9th one went towards a wonderful cause for Marlene Haveron and her Honeycomb Cottage Project, ensuring that her foster daughters will be surrounded by art and inspiration.

Here are my nine Cat in the Hat ornament swap mini Hot Air Balloons before shipping them off.

My 8 swapped ornaments in return were so much fun. Thanks for participating too! RoseMarie Davio, Nancy Lefko, Mary Hurlburt, Dianne Quinlan, Angela Huggins, Kathleen Nesi, Collen Peck and Aleta.

I had such fun being a vendor at the Art Trunk this year and I look forward to returning next year again as both a vendor and a student.

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  1. I totally need tips from you on craft fairs. I'm a total chicken and can't find the courage to do one. I know you have lots of experience. Please, do share!


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