Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dasani, The Goldfish JITB

I never was a "fish as pets" person until I saved the life of one little goldfish I named Dasani. I was working at a trade show with a vendor who had a goldfish on display. After the job of decorating the booth was done, the goldfish was to be onto his next job of decorating a toilet bowel. I couldn't let this happen. So I became his savior and poured him into a Dasani water bottle and brought him home - hence his name. Dasani is long gone now but this JITB is in remembrance of that little fish - my first pet.

Dasani the JITB (5" box) is made of paper mache, mulberry paper fins and embellished with mica flakes. Bells, simulating bubbles, are wrapped around the spring for a little "jingle". A vintage fish line anchor hangs on the front of the box. - $55

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jester Jack in the Box

I have been having so much fun creating these jack in the boxes (JITB's)!

They are made of cardboard boxes then embellished with stamped images, acrylic paints, paper mache, usually a vintage element or two, and then covered with beeswax.
The "Jacks" are simply made with a spring that allows them to jump up from the box upon opening. There are no cranks to turn and no music to play but they all have bells for a little "jingle".

This Jester JITB (4 1/4" box) has been heavily coated with beeswax for extra dimension and I have attached a vintage newspaper advertisement for playing cards on the left side of the box. Play the video below to see him in action! (You might have to click the play button twice to start the video up.) - $65