Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dasani, The Goldfish JITB

I never was a "fish as pets" person until I saved the life of one little goldfish I named Dasani. I was working at a trade show with a vendor who had a goldfish on display. After the job of decorating the booth was done, the goldfish was to be onto his next job of decorating a toilet bowel. I couldn't let this happen. So I became his savior and poured him into a Dasani water bottle and brought him home - hence his name. Dasani is long gone now but this JITB is in remembrance of that little fish - my first pet.

Dasani the JITB (5" box) is made of paper mache, mulberry paper fins and embellished with mica flakes. Bells, simulating bubbles, are wrapped around the spring for a little "jingle". A vintage fish line anchor hangs on the front of the box. - $55

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