Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

I am so glad to finally participate in this years "Where Bloggers Create" blog party.  I'm always so busy that I don't find out about them until they're already over.  The sucky part is that I missed it twice by only a day or two both times!

I counted 5 different workspace moves I've made in 12 years.  That might not sound like much but it doesn't include the amount of times I've moved "within" those spaces - countless. I have the privilege of living in the house I grew up in as a child and I love that I can raise my own children here.  I have many fond childhood memories of my home, especially those of playing in the basement.  So it only made sense to me that I should move my workspace down there...actually, I had no choice.  My kids took over upstairs.

My basement workspace is suuuuper tiny but it works just fine for me.  I recently moved there so it's not set up the way I want it yet.  Here are two photos.

On the other side of those curtains is storage and gym equipment.  When I'm feeling un-inspired and get in a creative rut, I get on the elliptical machine and watch Pride and Prejudice until I come up with an idea.

That giant paper mache head was a lucky find.  Based on the newspapers lining it inside, it's from the 1950's.  It was probably used as a parade costume.

After the birth of my daughter, I gave up the second bedroom to give to her and I went into the guest room.  After the birth of my son, I gave up half the guest room to make it a playroom/workspace.  I think it goes without saying that this was not a good set up.  Besides the fact that most of my things had to be put in the attic, I also had the kids constantly around me offering to "help" me with my work.  Since my guestroom/workspace area was my favorite, I'd also like to share pictures of that with you below.  

Even though the basement workspace is short on wall space I had to make room for my favorite painting by Deirdre Friebely.  I bought it as a present for myself while I was pregnant with my daughter.  Here it is again displayed in my old workspace.

I had plenty of bookshelf space to store collections of trinkets and magazines.

This is one of my favorite purchases from Wendy Addison.  It is a dancing ballerina shadow play box.

My desk was decoupaged with vintage sheet music and images from their covers.  The picnic baskets hold art supplies and picture frames. And the purses hanging on the door were rarely used other than to hold art supplies as well. 

Ahhhhh... I miss those extra spaces here and there where I could display a doll and other such nice things.

Thanks for visiting my blog and workspaces!  


  1. Oh, I love it all, Melanie. I am giddy about little corners. What is it with me and corners? ;) Even my blog must have that word in it. I go to restaurants and so prefer the little corner. Just warms my heart.
    Okay, I am loving all the happy childlike colors here. And those curtains!!!! They are the same as the ones in The Shop Around the Corner (You've Got Mail)., love, love. Of course, the M is superb. ;) And that ballerina shadow box is dreamy.
    Thank you for sharing, love. You've sent me off to dreamland with a smile.

  2. Thanks for sharing your room. What a special room you have. The the sign with your blog name!!


  3. What a happy space you've created for yourself!

  4. I have moved and rearranged all of my studio supplies more times than I care to admit...upstairs, downstairs....everywhere, you name it, I've done it!

    your space is lovely...thanks so much for sharing your studio. hope you'll come by to visit with me too...if you have the time!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. Your new space is looking great and I know it will be just as lovely as your previous spaces! Just so blessed to have spaces to work in aren't we!!!?

    Hope you might come by and see my new space!

    bee blessed

  6. I'm visiting from WBC party. I love your whimsical space. Thanks for sharing it.


  7. Love the baskets, and all the "M"s... since that is the first initial of MY name!

  8. I'm here because of your ad at A Fanciful Twist :) Enjoy fixing up your new space...have fun with it. I'm sure it's a real challenge figuring out how you want to organize to a smaller space. I started out my craft space in a closet under a stairway. I'm organizationally

  9. I think it looks like a delightful place to create! Thank you for sharing.

  10. I love that you get on the elliptical for ideas - accomplishing two tasks at once! Your space is very organized a fun place to create!

  11. So nice to have your own space! I also listen to Pride and Prejudice while I am working, I say "listen" because I have watched it so many times that I know what is going on. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Love, love that little desk.
    I also noticed the dog on the floor holding your sign.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. I know just what having a small work space is like, I love what you've done with yours. It may be small but it looks like you have all you need close to hand and you've managed to sneak in enough wonderful items to add personality. Brilliant!

  14. Great space, that mask is fantastic, what cool find. Thank you for sharing your creative space.

  15. I'm sorry you had to give up your space, but must say the new one is not only super tiny, but super cute as well! I'm so glad you were able to join the party this year and share it all with us!!!

  16. Awww..... I had the same issues when I was a young mother. Most of crafting was done at the kitchen table or an easy chair in the living room. My little ones are all grown and all but one is out of the house.... so I now have a craft room. I would make the best of the space I had and it was WORTH IT!

    Your space is awesome. All that you love and what inspires you is there. I will be back to see your creations!

    Take care and see you soon.

  17. Oh come say hi at my blog. I adore your creative space and your creations.

  18. SO many pretty things in your space!!!I love all the personal touches! I especially love that ballerina - I went to her website to see if I could find it but didn't, I will keep looking, I have an adorable little ballerina myself - she will be 7 next week!

  19. Wonderful place to create. So nice to meet you. I am part of Marcia's Winter theme party and hope that you can come over for a visit.
    Have a fun filled weekend,
    Janet Bernasconi
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  20. I scrolled down a bit before settling in to comment, Melanie. You've got some fun posts just after this one. Love Bo Peep! If I've watched the Toy Story movies once I've watched them 100 times with my granddaughter. She's 2 and she loves them ~ all of them. I've got a small space too, and I think it "encourages" us to use our creativity to display, organize and work in rooms this size. Coming from a small space in our garage at our old house, I'm thrilled with it. Great head ~ it makes me think of parades and those costumes with the big heads.

  21. Your area is so fun .
    You have allot of things to look at
    It is fun to look.
    Stay safe

  22. Don't forget to participate next year to show us how you have evolved in your newest workspace - I'm having a great time visiting everyone, even though I am lagging but not lollygagging!

  23. I love peeking into workrooms and crafty spaces.
    It takes me all year to get around to everyone on the tour, but that's OK. I love being inspired by each new space I see.

    1. Me too, DogsMom, me, love, love to see how other minds works..because sometimes it seems mine it not working at all and I am very creative...check out my website and tell me what you think, please, please be honest...I can take

  24. Aloha,
    Your workspace may be tiny but I'm sure you create some wonderful treasures there.
    I love your arrangement and little corner vignettes. Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  25. I saved all the pictures of your craft room for ideas of how to set mine up. I hope you do not mind...I do not plan on copying it bit by bit because my crafting includes a glass cutter, a drill press, a grinder, lots of vintage rose wallpaper, vintage rose china, loads of costume jewelry waiting to be repurposed, vintage fabric our the wazoo, a sewing machine that I cannot even thread yet(lol, I sew a straight line better than anything else and can go in reverse) plus my computer and all in one, printer, copier and fax are in the smallest room in the house. I am hoping my youngest son who is 32 will be moving out after the holidays..well not hoping, HE IS MOVING out after the holidays...then I will have to play the "talk my husband into giving me the bigger room for my craft stuff" game...that may take a couple of weeks of wooing...oh the work we women have to do to get our way...I am tired just thinking about it..but back to your pictures...I saved them because you seem to have a knack for not wasting space where as I have a knack of just piling things up wherever I see an empty place...not working well at all...I make beautiful things but am cursing my business by not organizing it well, which I know God does not want me to do that...after all it was God who gave me the gift to craft in the first I even feel guilty to Him for not doing a better that is the why for I am taking your pictures story...I truly hope you do not mind and if you do let me know I will delete them out of my personal file...wait a minute you do not even know about my personal would never have known I copied them had I not sent you this crazy message...I guess I just prefer being honest with people...I think I am about done now...again, thank you for the kick in the butt with those pictures....I have a feeling I just might get started today on the reorganization of my "Throne Room", oops, mean my craft

  26. I promise if I use any of your ideas I will mention your name....

    1. @Becky's Rose Cottage - I am glad you like what I've done with my space. I can't wait to see what you do with yours! As you can see, I've created the illusion of walls with curtains suspended from the ceiling. Walls were also mimicked by using bookshelves, a dresser and art. The open space surrounding my (9'x 4') corner is actually about 200 square feet full of storage containers, boxes, old furniture and gym equipment. My favorite storage idea was using the old CD mini bookshelf to store my paint bottles. They lay on their sides so I can see all the colors which are organized by hue.


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