Sunday, March 18, 2012

Art Doll ~ Lance

Lance said that when he grows up he's going to be a doctor, a fireman, a musician, a teacher and after that, he really really wants to be an astronaut. He runs around the house all day wearing his space helmet and discovering new planets from his rocket ship.

Lances' grandpa made his rocket ship using cardboard for the wings, a large sheet of thick paper for the cone top and a 75 gallon fiber drum. His helmet is made using a paper plate with the center cut out to form the rim. Then he covered a balloon with paper mache and cut it in half to make the back of the helmet; with silver pipe cleaner accents. The "glass" on the helmet is made using transparent paper which can move up and down for when Lance is on a planet that has normal levels of oxygen.

Lance wears a yellow polo shirt, blue denim shorts and a pair of converse sneakers. Lance and his clothes are made of paper. He measures about 7" tall and his rocket ship is about 8" tall. He can be posed sitting or standing with assistance of an included doll stand (not shown).

Available for sale in Summer 2012.

Here is my son Justin with his helmet that's just like Lance's. A 75 gallon drum can be found for just $25 at some stores in most Caribbean communities. These drums are an economical way to ship clothing, accessories and food overseas. You can also find shipping drums online at sites such as Uline. The window and door can easily be cut using a jigsaw or an electric serrated carving knife.

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