Friday, March 9, 2012

Art Doll ~ Melvin

Melvin is a happily quiet boy who can sit for hours by himself and just a couple of toys and still have a great time. His imagination takes him to places far and wide as he creates his own little worlds of pirates and jungles with scissors, paper and crayons.

Melvin helped his dad make this boat for him using a T.V. screen cardboard box and some old sheets for sails. The mast is made of a shipping tube with a Styrofoam ball on top. Attached ropes and eye hooks let Melvin maneuver the sails into any kind of rough waves and winds that may come his way.

Melvin wears navy blue overalls, a white t-shirt, brown shoes and a sailors hat. Melvin and his clothes, hat and boat are made of paper. He measures about 6 1/2" tall and the boat is about 8"high. He can be posed sitting or standing with the assistance of an included doll stand.

Available for sale on Etsy in Summer, 2012.

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