Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Art Doll ~ Lucy

Lucy is a clever but sneaky little girl. She is always mindful of sharing - when she wants something. She eats all the food on her plate -when it's french fries and cookies. And she plays hide & seek real good - whenever her parents are in a rush to leave or when she is told to clean up her room. Her mom says she is spoiled by Grandma and calls Lucy "Impossible!" But Grandma calls her "Impossibly Wonderful!"

Lucy wears a light green dress with a pink and white flowered belt and collar and pink Mary Jane shoes. She has a pink bow in her cropped blond hair that she wears with a newspaper hat. Lucy and her clothes are made of paper. She measures about 6 3/4" tall. She can be posed sitting or standing with assistance of an included doll stand (not shown).

Available for sale in Summer 2012.

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