Sunday, July 13, 2008

WIP - Time Forgotten Hot Air Balloon


Lisa Bagherpour is a wonderful Photo Manipulator and has been in touch with me as we share an attraction to hot air balloons. Above is one of her manipulated photographs including a hot air balloon that I am currently working on replicating. I am naming it after her photo, calling it "Time Forgotten" Hot Air Balloon. You can see more of Lisa's work at

Here is a Work in Progress picture of three balloons. This shows the second layer (out of three) of paper mache in the drying stage. My balloons usually take 1-2 weeks to complete. Check back next week for the completed Time Forgotten Balloon!


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  1. Hi Mel.
    These are going to be so neat, love the photo. Hope your feeling well.
    I have your paper dolls, holding them captive so you come and visit me one day.:0)
    miss you


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