Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mother Goose Rhymes and Stories


Mother Goose Rhymes and Stories have always intrigued me as they always seem to have a hidden meaning. For example, you have probably heard various versions of the story behind Humpty Dumpty. One such translation suggests the following: According to an insert taken from the East Anglia Tourist Board in England, Humpty Dumpty was a powerful cannon used in the Siege of Colchester during the English Civil War. It was mounted on top of the St Mary's at the Wall Church in Colchester defending the city against siege in the summer of 1648. Although Colchester was a royalist stronghold, it was besieged by the Roundheads for 11 weeks before finally falling. The church tower was hit by enemy cannon fire and the top of the tower was blown off, sending "Humpty" tumbling to the ground. Naturally all the King's horses and all the King's men (royalist cavalry and infantry respectively) tried to mend "him" but in vain. Other reports have Humpty Dumpty referring to a sniper nicknamed One-Eyed Thompson, who occupied the same church tower. - Excerpt taken from

For more information on Mother Goose, Wikipedia goes into detail about the history at

For other Mother Goose nursery rhymes and their meanings, there is an excellent website at

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