Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Painting Update and Art for Sale


When my daughter was born 17 months ago I made a painting called I Don't Want to Live on the Moon. It is based on one of my favorite Sesame Street songs (I submitted a post about it last year January). The main character in the painting is inspired by my childhood dog, Buster, who has long ago passed away but still remains in my heart. I wish he were still alive so my children could get to know such a loving creature.

Before and after...

The original painting included representations of just myself, my husband and my daughter. But since the birth of my son, Justin James, 3 months ago, I have added him to the painting. I have also updated the lyrics of the song so that they're typed instead of handwritten (I hate my handwriting). I asked my son what he thought of the painting and this was the face he made in reply - I think he likes it.

Along with this post, I also just wanted to let my readers know that I've listed some great artwork for sale on EBAY at great prices. All of the art is original and one of a kind by fantastic artists in the folk art industry including Jennifer Murphy and Lisa Kaus.

All of the pieces are in great condition but I just can't keep them anymore. With every child I have, my studio space gets smaller and smaller. I went from a room dedicated just for my work to a room shared with storage/guests and finally, to a desk in the corner of the play room - oh well - having children makes you realize priorites and the real importance of life. So stop by my Ebay listings when you get a chance! It would be a shame for these beautiful pieces to be shut up in an attic from now on!

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