Saturday, August 2, 2008

Time Forgotten Hot Air Balloon

Here is the completed "Time Forgotten" HAB. Thanks again to Lisa Bagherpour for giving me the inspiration from her Time Forgotten photo.

As you can see, I basically used the same layout of the balloon in her photo with similar positioning of the flourishes, flags, basket and lines. I had to put my own creative spin on things with a bolder, brighter color scheme and I added some aging and highlighting techniques to give it character and dimension. It took tons of hours and a couple of weeks to complete but I love the results.
This balloon will be for sale at the next craft fair I am participating in at the end of the month . Check back next week for more details on the event and a peek at some other new Jack in the boxes, hot air balloons and paper dolls that will be made available for purchase that day.

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