Friday, May 31, 2013

Vintage Melonball - New Etsy Shop!

My new shop, Vintage Melonball, is now open!   

My two young children are growing up, slowly taking over every corner of the house. Their toys (and clumsy bodies) have caused me to put my lovely vintage (and other new, but nice) items into storage. Rather than have them collect dust, they're here at Vintage Melonball for you to peruse and purchase.   (Plus, the proceeds from everything I sell will go towards a much desired, deserved and detained! vacation).

Why did I name the shop Vintage Melonball you ask?.......Most of the items I sell are vintage or have that "vintage-like charm" and "Melonball" is a nickname my mom used to call me when I was a little girl...and sometimes still does.

So have fun browsing and here's a peek at one of the items for sale.  I'm really sad to part with this dress form but I know that someone else will give it a good home.

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