Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New from M Ann M - Art Dolls

~ 2011 marks my 10th year in business.  Through those years I have experimented with so many art mediums and I have probably purchased items from every isle in the craft store.  For the past several years I have fallen in love with and stuck to paper arts.  I started with greeting cards, then paper mache jack in the boxes, then paper mache hot air balloons and now I am introducing my one of a kind art dolls.  Since time is still hard to come by, I can only make one or two dolls a month; but for this week I will offer four dolls.  Below is the first doll whom I named "Paris".  ~

Paris stands about 12" high with striped shirt, pleated skirt and red neck scarf.  She sports thigh high fish nets and tall black boots with silver buckle accents.  Hair long brown hair can be worn with or without her accompanying baret.  She also comes with a camera that she carries on her shoulder or around her neck.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, February 16) I will post another doll and then another on Thursday and Friday.  On Friday night they will all be available for purchase on Etsy for up to $175

Here are some details about the dolls...
The dolls are made using paper mache with a paper clay overlay.  They have a wire armature running throughout their bodies including their hands and feet.  The arms, legs and head are movable as they are connected to the body with nut/screw joints.  They are painted with professional quality acrylic paints and sealed with a matte sealer.  Their clothes, hair, accessories and accompanying "gifts" are made entirely of paper (ie; paper mache, paper clay, cardboard, mulberry paper, paper tape, etc.) (unless otherwise noted) or they are painted on.  The clothing is not removable.  Dolls are signed and dated on their bottoms which may be hidden by their clothes.  Each doll is about 12" tall and comes with her own coordinating cardboard stand.   

Care and use of dolls...
Since these are art dolls, they are not made for children.  Especially due to the fragile nature of paper, they are to be handled very carefully.  Imperfections in construction and execution may be visible and should be expected since they are handmade.  They should not be placed in direct sunlight or in humid environments.  They should not be held by the arms or legs but by the waist or the behind.  The dolls can sit and be posed with careful and delicate attention to their clothing and hair.  They should not be forced to sit or move if there is resistance as this could cause a crack in the paper clay or a tear in the paper.  Keep clean with a dry cloth, paint brush, duster or dust it off with a cool hair dryer every now and then.   Please note that the more they are played with, the less resilient they become.   (Excuse me if I sound overly cautious; the dolls are sturdily made so with proper care they should last over a lifetime.)

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