Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Make a Knack!

I just wanted to share with you an innovative new gift company that I am proud to have Watermelon Party a part of - Knack.  

Knack offers the chance to create little parcels that include exactly the items you want which are all artfully arranged in the container you choose.  It is then delivered with a personalized gift tag. An even cooler option is that you can get in on a "Group Knack".  Say you and your office pals want to get a group gift for a dear co-worker.  Just go to Knack and you can all pick out an item and contribute $ for the gift - way more thoughtful than just a bouquet of flowers right?!  It's a fun shopping experience and you'll be creating a truly unforgettable gift.

For a limited time, you can include a Watermelon Party Snowman Surprise Ball in your custom created Knack!

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