Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Surprise Ball Special Prizes

Customers interested in buying Surprise Balls often ask me what is inside of them, so to better assist you all I created an FAQ page on my website including pictures of prize examples.  Click here to read the FAQ's.

Every now and then I include a prize in a Surprise Ball that I made myself or that I take from my personal collection of little things.  Here are pictures of the latest prizes that you might get in your next order!  But I can't promise that you will, it's a SURPRISE! 

Handmade Prizes - Clown Bears and Pixie Dust Jars

Personal collection of little things on display in my studio - New, Vintage and Handmade


  1. Oh those bears are just too cute!

  2. Fun to see this. When I taught school, I kept a desk top cubby on my desk. It was filled with a collection of things, little treasures the children would bring, things I picked up, and vintage treasures.


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