Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kevin from Up by Pixar - Surprise Ball

After making a replica Flying House with balloons, it is no secret that I love the movie Up by Pixar.  Actually, I love almost anything made by Pixar and Disney.  So it's no surprise that I was super eager to jump on a customers request to make a Surprise Ball in the shape of the exotic bird, Kevin, from Up.  Here he is in all his colorful splendor.

This particular surprise ball is filled with 12 prizes suitable for young children including carefully chosen, vintage trinkets, souvenirs and novelty items. Kevin stands about 16" tall from base to head feathers. 

Deluxe Surprise Balls from Watermelon Party are like wedding cakes - they are so pretty that you don't want to destroy them, but eventually, you give in and devour it!

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  1. Squirrel! Kevin is gorgeous and yes, I'd be hard pressed to tear him open, even if he did contain chocolate.


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