Sunday, July 14, 2013

Winner Announcement Update!! ~ Mad Tea Party Giveaway ~ Blog Hop

Since I arrived to the Mad Tea Party late, not many were able to enter my contest so the odds of winning were pretty good.  The names of participants were written on strips of paper, shaken up in a bag, and one was chosen from the pile.  

And the winner for this year's Mad Tea Party giveaway from M Ann M Creations of a Alice Deluxe Surprise Ball is....


Thanks to the fans who left comments!


In celebration of this years Mad Tea Party hosted by, I am offering another fabulous giveaway! Anyone who leaves a comment on this post with a link back to their blog or website is entered to win a Watermelon Party Shop Surprise Ball called Alice.  You don't have to be a Mad Tea Party goer to enter, but I'd still love to meet fans of my work!

Contest ends on Saturday, July 20.  Winner will be announced on Sunday, July 21st.

Watermelon Party's Alice in Wonderland is a combination paper doll and surprise ball. Alice sits on a surprise ball that has 8 special prizes inside. Alice can be separated from the ball of prizes she sits upon so you can enjoy the surprise ball without destroying the doll. She can be posed in a seated position on a shelf or desk for you to enjoy for years to come. 

Alice is made completely of crepe paper with painted accents. Her arms have a wire armature so they can be carefully posed to hold a flower, small toy or mini teacup. Alice is made for decorative purpose only and is not intended for play.

Alice is available for purchase at my Watermelon Party Etsy shop here:


  1. How pretty Alice is! What a sweet tea party post.

    Thank you so much for having me, happy Mad Tea Party!

    Please do come visit my 2 interwoven fairytale inspired stories-

    1. The White Queen as she prepares her Mad Tea Party for her eleven dancing sisters in:

    2. The dancing princesses dancing their way all over the land to reach her Mad Tea Party:

    I look forward to serving you a home made rose macaron or two at my tea party!

  2. That Alice is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! She is so lovely! You did an amazing job with creating Alice. I cannot believe she is created from crepe paper!!! :) Thank you for such a generous giveaway to celebrate the Mad Tea Party!

    I welcome you to come and visit my party...

    Enjoy the festivities! Theresa

  4. How creative! I love this little Alice prize hider! I do hope I have a chance to win!
    Please come over to my party for a giveaway too!
    Happy Madness and Muchness to you!

  5. Oh my, Melanie! She is just wonderful! So pretty and sweet and just perfect for the Mad Tea party. As a fan of your dolls, (I have one, I love her!) I have to say that this is a magical giveaway. Your wrapped Surprise Balls are just the most delightful things and it's a very lucky person who's chosen to get this.

    Come over and have some tea and join my giveaway. I'll put the kettle on!

  6. Oh my goodness, she is adorable! You are so talented. Thank you for inviting us to your party.

    We love your Mad Hatter. He stands on my daughter's piano.

  7. Oh Alice = please come visit my blog
    and we will travel the globe in search of tea parties!

  8. How pretty Alice is! Thanks for sharing...

  9. Melanie, as we get close to autumn and Halloween there will be other theme hops. I will try to share any I find, with enough time for you to join in. Miss V has a great Halloween hop too!

  10. How very original! A crepe paper Alice... she's gorgeous! How delightful it would be to have her in attendence at a mad tea party! Thank you so much for visiting me. Happy Unbirthday! ~Michelle


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