Monday, November 19, 2012

Art Doll Giveaway ~ Jane

To celebrate being published in the Art Doll Quarterly, Winter 2013 magazine, I have decided to offer an Art Doll giveaway!

The doll made for this event is Jane.  As you can see, Jane looks like she might have come right out of a Jane Austen novel, hence her name.  I love all of Austen's work and have long ago had the idea of making a doll inspired by one of her heroines.  Who do you think she could be?  Jane Austen herself?  Marianne Dashwood?  Emma Woodhouse? or maybe Fanny Price?...

Jane is dressed in a period appropriate (early 1800's) gown and hairdo.  Her body is made using paper mache and a paperclay overlay with several protective layers of Josefine varnish.  Her dress is also sealed with the amazingly flexible and soft extra matte varnish from Paverpol.  Her clothing and hair are made of the best papers I could find and they will withstand a lifetime when handled with care.  She comes complete with pantalet undergarments and blue "embroidered" shawl.   Except for the shawl, her clothing is irremovable. Jane can sit but she comes with a stand (not shown) for recommended posing on display (the alabaster vase shown is not included).

For a chance to win Jane, simply LIKE my M Ann M Creations page on Facebook.  Once I get to 100 likes, I will randomly choose a winner.  And if I should get more than 100 Likes, I will offer another prize! (I hope I haven't set my expectations too high -  but here's to wishing!).

 And here's the article from Art Doll Quarterly, Winter 2013.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Congratulations on the Art Doll Quarterly feature! The dolls really look lovely. Did they enjoy their photo-op?

    The doll you've put forward for your amazing giveaway is really something special. I love the cool colours and her serene face.

    1. Thanks Rhissanna! Jane came out really well and I am already looking forward to working on another Austen inspired character. Good luck on the giveaway!

  2. I am just finding your blog for the first time. And I do have that issue of Art Doll Quarterly. Congratulations for having your gorgeous paper mache dolls published...a dream come true for all of us doll makers in blogland! Ooo! ADQ did a very lovely article on your sweet dolls.
    Teresa in California
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