Monday, May 14, 2012

Art Doll ~ Katrina

Katrina's favorite times are at family get together's.  All day long, the adults barbecue and play cards while she and her cousins chase the dog, jump rope and draw giant hopscotch squares on the sidewalk.  The girls take turns wearing a Princess hat while they sit on their (lawn chair) throne inside their cardboard castle. Katrina likes this game because whoever has the hat, gets to tell everyone else what to do.  Katrina likes telling her cousins to quack like a duck or to hop around on one foot.  When the moon comes up and the crickets start singing, Katrina and her family end the day by seeing who can catch the most lighting bugs.

Katrina wears a purple party dress with purple and white check details.  She has painted on socks and black Mary Jane shoes.  Her hair is braided in two just the way she likes it with pretty white ribbons. Katrina and her clothes are made of paper. She stands about 6 1/2" tall and her castle is about 8" tall. She can be posed sitting or standing with assistance of an included doll stand (not shown).

Available for sale in Summer 2012.

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