Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mad Tea Party 2011

Thank you for visiting this Mad Tea Blogging Party hosted by a Fanciful Twist.

For this event, I created Cupcake Topper Party Favors in the theme of Alice in Wonderland. There is Alice, The Mad Hatter, The March Hare and The Dormouse; all four are made using crepe paper.

My daughter, Delilah and her giraffe and teddy bear friend helped celebrate this Tea Party event while making pretend to eat the (paper) cupcakes with delicious red cherries, M&M's and Kisses.

Thanks again to Vanessa Valencia for inviting everyone to participate!

In honor of this event, for a limited time, my 2010 Mad Tea Party creation a Mad Hatter Marionette is on sale at 40% off!


  1. Your Mad Tea Party table is more than fantastic!! And look at the beautiful wee lass!!! Thank you so much for sharing your magical place in Wonderland!

  2. Delightful blog and LOVELY work!!! Thank you for sharing!
    Best wishes,

  3. Those cupcake toppers are such a cute idea!
    ....and look at sweet, Delilah....sweeter than any of the treats on the table!

    Thank you so much for haing me :D

  4. So creative! And your little guest is Precious! Such a beauty! :D

    Thank you for sharing and inviting me (sorry blogger delayed you)

    You are welcome to join my party as well:

  5. Delilah and giraffe look as if this is a table full of marvelous treats. I am sorry I am so late but I think I got lost making my rounds.
    If you'd care to visit my party I left a trail...

  6. I have enjoyed your party!
    Happy UnBirthday to you !
    ps Delilah is adorable !

  7. What a wonderful little tea party you have held and your daughter with her giraffe is sooo cute. :-)

  8. What a sweet party and darling cake toppers!

  9. Darling party, I love the wee one and her giraffe!

    come visit mine:

  10. The cup cake toppers are over the moon. They are fabulous. And this table is a delight. Thanks for the invite. *smiles* Norma


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