Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tea Party Fun


Everyone finally made it for the Mad Hatter's tea party today. Although the Mad Hatter was late, thanks to his watch, again. He made the mistake of setting his watch to July O'clock instead of June O'clock.

But once the hatter arrived they had a grand time eating delicious chocolate with coconut frosting cake and green and lemon teas.

The Dormouse admired the Hatters hat so much and he wished he had a hat to wear of his own. No worries! The hatter made him a hat in two seconds flat (never mind it was a teapot lid). But my! He did look dashing!

They ended the party with a long game of cards and promised to meet again next year whenever their gracious host Vanessa, of A Fanciful Twist announces the date.

The Mad Hatter is a marionette made out of wood, paper clay and paper. He will be available for sale on Etsy later this month.


Special thanks to...
"Alice" was made by
Christine Crocker and the "Dormouse" was made by Jennifer Murphy. If you love art dolls and great photography please visit Christine Alvarado of Du Buh Du Designs; her work is inspiration for my own.

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