Monday, March 3, 2008

Green Polka Dot Hot Air Balloon

This will look so cute hanging in the corner of a baby's room!

Made using paper mache, acrylic paints, ribbon, mulberry paper, buttons and it hangs from an adjustable heavy duty clear line (not the chain as pictured). Measures 13"h x 8"w. - $110

The little chick in the basket is made using one of Jennifer Murphy's patterns. I added some of my own touches (gloves, a scarf and an aviators hat) to keep him warm from the chilly air while he floats above the rolling hills in his hot-air-balloon ride. The chick is not for sale but if you are interested in similar creatures, please check out Jennifer Murphy's website. She makes the most cutest soft sculpture "bears and other silly things". Her licensed pieces are inexpensive and are available through her website and other stores. However, for excellent quality and craftmanship, I suggest getting an orginal piece to add to your collection; or to start one!

Check back tomorrow for my Paper Doll class announcement!

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